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We are conveniently located by State Hwy 36 & the I-10 next to Tony’s Restaurant.


Protect your eyes with our wide range of safety eyewear.
~ The Sealy Eye Center Team

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At Sealy Eye Center, our experienced, knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect pair of safety eyewear. Whether you need a pair of protective eyewear for professional or personal interests, we carry a wide range of safety and specialty eyewear for men, women, and children that will protect your vision, no matter the situation. We carry the full line of WyleyX (available in prescription and non-prescription).

Whatever the reason you need eye protection – be it for industrial safety, tactical and law enforcement, hunting, the rodeo, sports, swimming, boating, or riding your motorcycle – leave it to us to create high-quality lenses with specialized frames that will flawlessly protect your eyes.


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