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New Lens Implant – Tecnis Symfony Toric & Multifocal IOL

New Lens Implant
Tecnis Symfony Toric and Multifocal IOL

Nowadays, cataract surgery is performed with an advanced, minimally invasive procedure, which leads to better outcomes and recovery. In addition to this improvement in the surgical techniques, there is also a corresponding improvement in the quality of intraocular lens implants now available. Many modern, progressive options for IOLs are currently on the eye care scene – such as Tecnis Symfony toric and multifocal IOL.

Our eye doctor in the Sealy, TX stays up-to-date with the latest developments in cataract surgery, and he is knowledgeable about all the new types of IOLs. For more information, book an appointment at our Sealy Eye Center.

Introducing The Symfony IOL

Eye Doctor, Woman On A Bench Wearing Sunglasses with Symfony IOL in Sealy, TX.

On July 15, 2018, the FDA granted approval for the Tecnis Symfony lens made by Abbott Medical Optics. After cataract surgery, this IOL provides a total range of high-quality continuous vision for patients with presbyopia. In order to correct corneal astigmatism, the Symfony IOL also has five different toric options.

Eye care, caucasian senior man with Symfony IOL in Sealy, TX.

What Are The Benefits Of The Symfony IOL?

This lens implant offers many advantages over a conventional monofocal IOL. In the past, traditional monofocal lens implants only corrected distance vision. Therefore, a patient with presbyopia needed to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see a fluid range of near and distance vision after cataract surgery. Now, even the presbyopic patient can usually enjoy freedom from eyewear. The Symfony multifocal lens provides full depth-of-focus at all distances, and at the same time, the toric features correct astigmatism.

How Does The Symfony IOL In Sealy Work?

The Symfony gives a continuous clear vision for close, middle, and far by elongating the eye’s range of focus. It accomplishes this by using diffractive concentric rings, with a system similar to a progressive lens. Achromatic technology is also incorporated into the lens, which corrects for any chromatic aberration, and the lenses are made from UV-blocking hydrophobic acrylic material.

Who is a good candidate for Symfony multifocal and toric IOLs?

These lens implants are a fantastic option for our Sealy, TX patients who qualify for a multifocal IOL and who have astigmatism. For people who enjoy reading, doing needlework, playing golf, and using a computer, the Symfony IOL can be an ideal match for all these lifestyle activities.

Does Insurance Cover These IOLs?

In general, Medicare and most medical insurance policies cover the IOLs used in cataract surgery. However, the additional features of the Symfony lens implants are not typically covered by insurance. Therefore, just like with other multifocal and toric IOL options, cataract patients will need to pay privately to use the Symfony lens instead of a traditional monofocal IOL.

Our Sealy, TX eye doctor is pleased to serve cataract surgery patients from the Sealy, TX. with this new and exciting multi-purpose lens implant. If you need cataract surgery and have both presbyopia and astigmatism, the Symfony IOL is a safe and precise solution to provide you with clear vision at all distances.

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