At Sealy Eye Center, our team of eye doctors specializes in treating a range of eye and vision conditions, and we welcome complex cases. Whether you need expert care for retinal disease, cataracts, corneal problems, or another sight-threatening condition, we will take care of your eyes with first-rate skill and advanced technology. And of course, every eye care service that we offer is provided with a compassionate and professional bedside manner. You will benefit from a remarkable eye care experience, all-around.

Medicine progresses rapidly, and we make sure to always stay one step ahead – we use precise, modern diagnostics and provide the most effective treatments. For example, our office is equipped with devices such as the Canon Fundus Photo and Spectralis. If you are interested in LASIK surgery or another refractive procedure, our eye surgeons perform a variety of vision correction surgeries using the latest technologies and methods.

We are proud to have a diverse team of eye doctors who bring excellent credentials, top-tier experience, and outstanding skill to serve our patients from Belville, Columbus, La Grange, and Sealy, TX. You can trust your vision to us – we are committed to keeping it healthy and safe!

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